IIPM-The Indian Institute of Planning and Management
IIPM Chennai Cult Club Organized Salsa Event
Published on November 25, 2008 By pankajspider In Blogging

Work hard through the day and then loosen up with SALSA!!! This is what we believe in IIPM because after all – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy right? On the 24 and 25th of November, the Cult Club organized a Salsa event which was held at our very own campus. Mr. Ashley, a professional Salsa performer and choreographer thoroughly enjoyed his time spent teaching students the basics of Salsa. This first ever attempt taken was indeed a huge success as the students enthusiastically shook their leg to the electrifying and sizzling tunes of Salsa music. With all the energy in the room, not only did students get to unwind, but actually developed an interest for this vivacious dance. So if you want to balance of work and fun, there is no other better way than some Salsa.

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