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Wealth management modules implemented out here in IIPM Mumbai
Published on July 10, 2009 By pankajspider In Blogging

Wealth management modules implemented out here in IIPM Mumbai have been a revolution in terms of intellectual contribution made by the students and proper propagation of knowledge from the speaker’s side. 
The Assistant Vice President HSBC Bank, Mr Rohit Narayanan has spoken about the various responsibilities what an individual needs to handle when he is at the desk of an organization. The individual sitting at the operating desk of a bank is totally responsible for the work done by him, as the Brand is the main wealth of the bank & no bank will ever like that its brand is spoiled by any wrong work done by its employees. Every employee is the representative of the bank & bank will never tolerate that its name is being dragged into any kind of controversy. The individual should make himself well aware as to the person who has come to be bank has got the money from right way & in legal manner. It should not happen that any type of black money or illegal funds are brought into working of the bank, it is always better to have less business rather than harming the name of the bank with bad money. He also spoke about various measures are to be taken while dealing with individuals & corporate. In fact all the aspects of private banking and different facets of investment advisory was the prime focus of his speech.

Dr. Sundrarajan a renowned market analyst and investment advisor, CA by profession, had covered certain basic investment strategies like whether to buy or hold. He dealt with certain investment concepts like Cost Averaging Rupee – Constant proportion, Styles of Investing: Value, Yield, Growth, Momentum & Contrarians, Value Stocks, Yield Stocks, Growth Stocks, Momentum Investing, Investing with Constraints.

He had also given a proper focus on different equity evaluation approaches like Earning Multiplier Approach, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Minor Trend, Intermediate Trend and the Main Trend.

Dr Krishnamurthy an experienced Chartered Accountant had helped students to construct or create a model portfolio and also taught them the different evaluation techniques to evaluate the portfolio keeping the risk and the return matrix in mind.

He had also covered a topic called the economic environment for business, where he covered the different forces of environment which might affect the main business of the bank directly or indirectly. He also talked about primary business opportunity for a bank and the scope of making a proper use of the market available.

He had also emphasized on different business opportunities that the banking sector might get into in the near future. He made our students completely aware of the process of metamorphosis that the Indian banks are going through and thus changing their level of efficiency. He had discussed a number of relevant cases related to the restructuring of the bank and portfolio management.

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